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Welcome to Meining Automotive

Meining Automotive is a full-service auto repair and preventive maintenance center. We have been performing our high quality and guaranteed auto repairs in the Longmont area since 1988. We are conveniently located for your service and maintenance needs and we are qualified to repair and service all domestic and imported cars and trucks using parts that are equal to or exceed the standards of those parts originally used by the manufactures. We are definitely the cost-effective alternative to car dealership servicing for all scheduled maintenance of your personal or company auto, pickup or truck. Regardless of where it was built, we will service your vehicle and still maintain the manufacturer's warranty. 

Meining Automotive is independently owned and operated. We pride ourselves on getting the services or repairs on your vehicle right the first time by our highly qualified service technicians. So drop your auto, SUV, or truck off today and allow us to provide you with excellent service. We look forward to servicing your vehicle. 

 We have the capability of handling anything that your car may need today or tomorrow. Why trust anyone who isn't capable of handling everything on your car?


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